Heel Stabilizers
Heel stabilizers are molded under the heel of an orthotic to reduce the "roll" of the foot. Over time they can break down and allow the orthotic to wobble, causing knee, hip, and back issues. Heel stabilizers can be removed and rebuilt as well as added to orthotics that didn't have them originally.
Cracked Shell Repair
Cracked orthotics lack their intended support and may become irrepairable. As long as the crack hasn't separated the shell into two or more pieces, a composite reinforcement can be molded to the underside of the shell giving them new life.
Orthotic Duplication
If you are having your orthotics recovered, why not have a second pair made at the same time? When the topcovers are removed, a model can be made and another set of shells formed! You may choose any topcover option for the original as well as the duplicate pair (they don't have to be the same material or length). Just remember, the pricing for duplications doesn't include the cost for your original pair to be recovered (you have to select the topcover repair for your original orthotics separately).
*Add/replace heel stabilizers:
*Cracked shell patch: $30/Right
*Cracked shell patch: $30/Left
*Cracked shell patch: $60/Both
*Duplicate shells (no covers):

*Duplicate shells
(3/4 length standard covers):

*Duplicate shells
(Full length standard covers):

*Duplicate shells
(3/4 length ultra covers):

*Duplicate shells
(Full length ultra covers):
Our repair services are designed for rigid orthotics (with support shells constructed from plastic, fiberglass, or a composite).

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